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You CAN do something to change your situation. There are many examples where individuals, with support and inspiration, have been able to create allies and change their situation while getting their power back

"I hadn't realized all the changes us teenagers can make in the world...I believe I have become a better person and now I know I can do anything and everything I want to! " 

-Marlisa E., Saint Paul Public Schools Student, Co founder of<

We ask that you consider teaming up with ImGettingbullied.Com and Project Footsteps! Every situation is different! Every situation requires a different strategy! We’re here to help you figure out what’s next!

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Southview Middle School

southview middle school

60 eighth graders from Southview Middle School have become an agent of social change.  Just two months ago, bullying was lurking in every hallway at Southview, causing victims of bullying to be subjected to teasing and humiliation everyday.  Something changed on April 11, however, when Southview students began reading the personal stories of teens who have suffered from bullying and even considered suicide.  Upset by the torment that teens expressed in their stories, the eighth graders decided enough was enough.  Bullying cannot be tolerated at Southview anymore.

The eighth graders have since planned, promoted, and fundraised for their campaign against bullying.  They have encouraged other teens to submit their experiences with bullying to the “bullybox” on so even more people are made aware of the detrimental affects of bullying and to take action to prevent it.  The students are also getting young people from all over Minnesota to attend “Get Power” on July 14, a retreat to discuss the impact of bullying and how communities can effectively take action to find solutions against bullying.  Southview wants to give the support and motivation to people of all ages to be an agent of change.  Based on their experience, the eighth graders know how a small number of people can make a HUGE difference!


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