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Jacob's Story

This is my bullying story. I'm slightly autistic and overweight, but I've been trying to combat these issues for the past few years. Since 4th grade, I've been ridiculed for my Autism and sometimes strange behavior, which has been improving, and how I enjoy eating. Kids talk behind my back, and make fun of me on almost a daily basis. Almost every night, I cry myself to sleep because of this, and it's just incredibly painful. I want to talk to people, but it's hard to muster up the courage. Thank you for reading my story.



Mollie's Story

So I'm currently getting bullied, these girls just make sly comments about me and my friend. We sit in lessons while they talk about us, we just put our heads down and choose to ignore it. Even though sometimes the bullies pressure us into answering them. The bullies make me feel small, like I have nothing to live for, as if they don't care about me. If I answer a question in a lesson, and get it wrong the bullies suddenly say "What's she on about?" "She's chatting sh**t!" They constantly swear at me and call me names. At the moment I have to jump between friend groups because the bullies sit with most of my year on a table at break and lunch, so I have no where to go. I end up going over to my boyfriend. We started going out over a year ago, we went through loads of tough times but he helped me and made me happy and special. Unfortunately a few (the bullies) get involved into our relationship, telling him things I trusted them (because I thought they were my friends) not to say. Then they go and mix up my words and me and my boyfriend have a massive row, so I'm then left with no one. I've tried many things, cutting myself, telling mum, at one point I kept it in. This isi the time I'm coming out. People judge me on my appearance and some of the medical problems I have like my joints and asthma. They make up rumors, and I'm the one that's in tears. They never think of anyone else except themselves. Most of the time I now take out my anger in my dance.

Me and my friend are going to my head of year tomorrow because she gets it the same as me. If this doesn't get sorted then we will consider moving schools because my school is terrible with bulling they never do anything apart from call the main people in for meetings and then when it's all sorted it gets left a few days and it all kicks off again.

I'll email the resolution to this incident.

-Molly, 14


Spectra's Story

My name is Spectra and I have been getting bullied ever since the third grade and I am in seventh grade. I have been talked bad about I have been made fun of and worst of all the teachers have been yelling at me. Over the years I have discovered that there was nothing wrong with me it was the other girls. Things are not better yet I mean I still have no friends at school but I now walk in the school with confidence. I know that I am a good person and there will be a person who realizes how good of a person I am.

-Spectra, 7th grade


Amanda's Story

In 7th grade, I dreaded waking up in the morning and joining reality. I would never want to get out of bed in the morning. I felt as if I weren't presentable to the world. My clothes were wrinkled, my hair was a mess, my eyes were droopy. You'd better believe they used it against me. But looking nice was the last thing on my mind. I was bullied day and night, online and in person, verbally and mentally. It felt like it was me against the world because I thought there was no one on my side. After a really bad day, Ii would lose my will to live. To fight another day in that hell called my life. I took a razor to arm and cut. Watching in fascination as blood ran down my arms, on my hand, to my fingers and drip off their tips. At first I tried to hide my scars. But then I didn't. No one noticed. Because no one cared. I would always wonder if people would care if I died. My grades were at an all time low, but my morals were even lower. I was just trying to make it through the day. i remember every insult that came out of their mouths. I wish those words were gone. Erased from my brain. Everyone of their twisted words managed to stay burned into my mind. Every snicker, every dirty look, every nasty word, holds a special place in my mind. It's not a happy place. This place is dark, unhappy and miserable. It is kept under lock and key. You can never have your guard up all the time, you can never pretend you're always strong, you can never always pretend your life isn't crumbling around you. You can never fake true happiness. It's like walking on broken glass. After a while, you break down. You lose it. Just like I did. I cried and cried thinking "Where's my fairy godmother?" Then just like that, all my tears were gone. There were none left. I tried to cry more. But nothing came out. I learned something after that. Crying only helps you feel better in that moment. Every night I would pray to God asking him to take me back in time, to the days where I was happy. I would always wake up in the same miserable life. Then back to school. When I walked down the hallway, it was always a battle with my tormentors. People I barely knew would yell mean things to me, so everyone could hear. An audience. Perfect for them. Horrible for me. I would have preferred to have been humiliated in private. Every time it happened, I would want to die. I would contemplate killing myself. Once I called a suicide hotline. I got scared and hung up. I never knew why I did that. No one ever knew how miserable I REALLY was. Some days I would force myself to be sick, literally make myself puke, just to miss school for one more day. I hated looking in the mirror. I hated what I saw. I hated the sound of my own voice! After being called "ugly" for so long, I started to believe I was. I never experienced a group of people TRYING so hard, to be so MEAN. To a girl. A girl like me. I could go on and on about how horrible my life was in 7th grade or how horible my bullying experience was so bad that I almost switched schools. But I won't. I'm going to tell you how I'm glad I didn't run, how I'm glad I didn't leave. Because it's over now. I stood my ground until the end. I might have gotten pushed over more than a couple of times, but I'm still here. While the memories will be in my mind forever, I truly am a stronger person.Ii made it out from my hell. And I made it out on top.



Ben's Story

I was in year 7, everything was fine up until October. My best friend started calling me things also spreading rumours then his friend who was also my friend got involved and also started calling me things. They would call me square head, fat, b*****d and loads of nasty things. This went on until May 2012, but when I was talking to them alone they were being okay they were being friendly, it was like they were trying to show off to other people. I'm just so glad I had really good friends to help me through it, but my breaking point was when they were shouting things about me in class and calling me things behind my back. I just had enough, so I walked out of school and ran home. It was lucky I bumped into my grandmother as I was walking to my house as my mother wasn't in so that's when that problem stopped. But when we finished for summer in July another problem rises. I'd argued with someone in my class and we were calling each other stuff over ask fm, we just stopped speaking. She makes sly remarks calling me e.g. fat, but I just ignore her. But a more recent problem that has risen is I was really close with this girl, and the boy that likes her was jealous. He started calling me gay. I'm not even gay though, and got some of his friends to push me down the stairs in school. I just ignored that but when it follows you around it makes you depressed. I also recently argued with my best friend. He pushed me and automatically assumes that he is better than me, but thanks to my amazing support system of friends I don't care about those bullies anymore. My friends make me laugh, smile and are all just amazing. My friend that I was talking about in the first story he's now my best friend. He's like a brother to me the other one not so much it's still happening. I've just found it easier to ignore it, but if you're bullied please stand up for yourself or at least tell someone you trust. It will lift a weight off your shoulders. My new year resolution is don't listen to bullies, because they're so insecure that they think picking on you is going to make them better. Bullies are pathetic everyone's different, and that's nothing to be ashamed of. Just be yourself and you'll get happier. I promise.



Chloe's Story

I'm an 8 year old girl and I'm getting bullied by my old best friend. She hits me she calls me names it has been going on for 5 weeks it is a nightmare she has most of my friends hitting me and because I am from Russia they say it's the worst country in the world. I have like no friends and I am sad :( I go home every day and cry. i was thinking of making an anti-bullying project so she knows that bullying kills and that's what I feel like doing. It already makes me feel a bit better that you're reading this :)

-Chloe, 8


Kajah's Story

Hi my name is Kajah. I'm currently getting bullied. I'm being bullied my my ex-bestfriend. We were the closest two people can be, then she flipped out and she's telling me HORRIBLE things....She's making fun of me because my family died in war and got murdered. Honestly, you don't realize it but normal people get bullied. She's calling me names like a hoe, p****, b****, baby, an ugly pig, a f*****, a******. There's a lot more but I just need help... No one gets it and I can't find someoen who does. I don't know what to do she's telling me to kill myself because people will be happier and I don't want to kill myself. i want this to stop!



Kyria's Story

I was having the best year of my life... And a girl named PS showed up! At first she seemed cool so we started hanging ou.! Little by little she'd start asking for things I had and I'd give them to her just so she wouldn't talk about me. I finally stood up and stopped giving her things but it got worse! She turend my friends against me and I was alone!

My 9th grade year came around (current grade) and the year started off okay. I met my best friend Tiffany! And because she was friends with me PS bullied her! I was miserable coming to school not knowing what was gonna happend next. The girl had a twin sister. And one day me and Tiffany where together. They jumped my best friend. My cousin was holding me back...Even though I was scared I knew she was scared the most! It was a 5 on 1 fight! After that she continued to bully me. But my friend had it worse. We/I was miserable! We both complained and cried to our mothers about leaving. Now I had been at this school since I was a baby and they had just arrived. I had suicide thoughts and I almost attempted...I had given up on God and life. Me and Tiffany weren't the only ones. I had a friend named Macie that had been thrown across the floor by the girl and talked about like a dog! One day our parents got sick of complaining to the school and took it to the big board. We had a big meeting with a lot of parents of the children being bullied. Their was security and very important people. Her mom was their and accused us of bullying her daughter! In the end they gave her 45 days of alternative school! She returns Wednesday! And I'm a nervous wreck me and my friends have prayed and prepared for this day. And it's come. Wish us luck!

I just wanted to share this because bullying is no joke and you'll never know how I feel until you've experienced it for yourself! I WANNA RAISE AWARENESS BUT I CAN'T DO IT ALONE PLEASE HELP ME! I'M BEGGING YOU!

-Kyria, 9th grade


Kennedy's Story

I am bullied everyday, and I cry almost every night not wanting to go to school the next morning. Sundays are the worst. You have the whole weekend without bullies and all these mean kids, and then sunday comes, and I cry longer than I do on weeknights. Being bullied by the kids is enough, but I always get yelled at by the teachers when I make little mistakes. The only reason I am being bullied and being disrespected is because I hang out with this girl that has a lot in common with me. I really am not trying to be rude on this, but she is kind of annoying and gets into people's business. But every time I try to have time by myself, she always thinks that I am not friends with her again and starts fighting with me and starts crying and gets me in trouble. That is another reason why i am being bullied because i spend too much time with her. I dont always want to spend every minute with her, and it's not that I hate her. I think we just need to go our different ways sometimes. I am in special education, so I think that is half the reason kids bully me. It is not just a few kids. It is everyone in the whole school. If you are reading this, it gives me a lot of support with you just taking your time and reading this.



Bri's Story

Hey everyone. My name is Bri, and I'm 14. I've been through some things. We all have I guess because this is why we are on this website. I'm not the prettiest or the skinniest girl out there. I know that. Getting made fun of every day at school really gets to you. Getting pushed into lockers and people bumping into you on purpose. Or having some one call you out in front of everybody and getting called names like ugly, fat, loser, stupid, spic, Mexican, border jumper, immigrant, ect. It really got to me, and I remember the first time I cut. I was so nervous, but I did it and kept doing it over and over. I got addicted. I stopped for a month or two, but things just got worse. So I started cutting again. Things were awful, and I wouldn't eat for a week or two having to tell everyone "I'm not hungry" or "I already ate." I'm just tired and didn't sleep at all last night from lying to the people who mean the most to you. Getting judged every day, by your clothes, hair, makeup, not having an iPhone or name-brand shoes. Walking down the hallway, and everyone looking at you and talking about you. I'm not a loner. I have friends. Just because you have friends doesn't mean they are always going to be there for you or know how you feel. No one knows I cut or that I cry myself to sleep every night or not even going to sleep at all. Music is my life. It's all I got. I have been cutting since the end of 7th grade. I do it for a couple months then quit. Being bullied every day at school is really hard. I can't tell any one, not my family or my friends. Just myself. It's awful.The kids who bully me are all guys. I can't take this any more. It's too much to handle. I need to stand up for my self once and for all if i can get the courage. Thanks for reading my story. If anyone needs someone to talk to, I'm here for you. I don't judge people because I know how it feels.



Andrea’s story

I'm 13 years old, going into 8th grade. I've been bullied non-stop for about 2 years. I went from being popular, to the most hated person in the whole school. I was very nice to people, until they decided to stick their nose into my business. I was raped this past December. People found out, and called me a whore because of that. All my best friends turned their back on me. To this day, they're my greatest enemy. I walked through the halls getting shoved. Before I knew it, my new name was "herpie girl". My Facebook was a new target. People would comment on my pictures calling me a whore, worthless, and that I should go kill myself. I fell deep into depression with nobody to turn to. I skipped school and lied continuously to my parents that I was sick. I had plenty of suicide thoughts. I cut myself, and I cried myself to sleep. People would take my suicidal thoughts and turn them into a joke. "no sympathy", they said. I walked into school looking at the floor, THE WHOLE DAY. For lunch I sat in the detention room, pretending I had detention. People would threaten me all day, everyday. I had family issues at this time, and on top of that I got raped, I was being cyber bullied, and bullied in general. Everyone was against me. My parents always asked me what happened to my smile that shinned so bright, what happened to my happy heart. I couldnt answer those questions. I really didnt know what happened to me. After being called disgusting, a whore, a slut, nasty, and etc. ALL DAY, EVERYDAY. You start to think that of yourself too. You say to yourself "I AM worthless. Nobody cares about me. Maybe I should just kill myself, so I won't have to suffer anymore." I’m still getting bullied, every day. But every day it's someone different. I'm becoming weak, and I'm not sure what to do.



Leo's Story

If they knew how horrible they made my life, would they change?  That is the question I ask myself almost every day.  There are certain people in my school that I will probably never forget their names as long as I live due to the pain they have caused me ove the years.  People talk a lot about bullying, but for some reason that implies some sort of "stand off" situation where people can clearly see someone getting mistreated.  I feel like this cripples a lot of people from actually doing something because then it is so easy to say "well I don't really see it, so ..." or some other, frankly BS, answer that essentially places the blam elsewhere.

This epidemic of people "not seeing it" or doing all sorts of talking/flyering/postering/etc about "stopping bullying" but then not actually ever DOING something is what continues to make my life a constrant struggle to go through.  There are people in my school that are absolute experts as making people's lives suck without ever even having to actually say anything or even while saying words that would be so nice if they weren't accompanied by that tone of sarcasm I now know all to well.  For some reason, whether it be the money their family has, the body they have, or something that someone else has that they for some reason have a problem with, a certain group of people in my school spend a good portion of their day doing their best to use looks, tones, sarcasm, jokes, you name it, to make it harder for others to go through their day such as me.

So that's where I'm at....I'm wondering where are all of those so called "bully stoppers" when no news channel, teacher, etc are watching??

-Leo, 9th grade



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